Meet The Team

Wheels of Barcamp Bangalore

You might like to know a little more about the folks who have been planning and working around the clock to make this happen!

Aman Manglik

Twitter : @amanmanglik


Aman is a software developer with one of those big database companies. He devotes his free time to his love of photography. For Barcamp Bangalore, he takes care of the website design, brand design and the scheduling system.

Amit Khare

Twitter : @daaku


Daakuism !! what else do you expect !! I also tweet from @barcampbng

Arun Vijayan

Twitter : @mixdev


Opinionated technologist who changes those opinions as new facts come in. A long term Barcamp attendee who is interested in keeping the Barcamp Bangalore brand fresh and independent.

Fagun Bhavsar

Twitter : @FagunB


Fagun Bhavsar, a QA professional, attended the first ever Barcamp in Bangalore in 2005. Since then, have been regular at it. I take care of QA stuff and make sure everything gets chaotic before it gets calm.

NinadNinad Pundalik

Twitter : @ni_nad


Tests enterprise software by the day, writes JS and PHP by thenight. Loves to read, attend music concerts, find new places to eat, collect T-shirts at different hacking competitions and drink lots of tea and coffee.  Some people also say that he yaps a lot.

Barcamp Bangalore is the best place to meet fun, creative and smart
people in Bangalore. Also, my first proper event team in the city :D

Sathyajith Bhat

Twitter : @SathyaBhat


Oracle Forms and PL/SQL developer by day, gamer and procrastinator by night, Stack Exchange Community Moderator whenever free. Though database development is my bread and butter, I can write an app or two, or few scripts in Ruby, Python and C#. I also look after BCB’s servers and handle BCB’s social media accounts.

Barcamp to me, is being able to strike up a conversation / discussion about anything at any point and come out of the discussion with some new ideas and techniques -  that’s something which only twitter has offered as a medium.

Saurabh Minni

Twitter : @the100rabh

A technologist trying to make a dent in the Universe. Long time participant and planner for BCB—expanding the world of sharing and learning.
Developer who does programming. Already written essays in Assembly, C, C++, Java, Javascript, Python, Pascal, PHP,  Javscript and HTML.

Always interested in all new techs.


Shreyas Kulkarni

Twitter : @curlyreggie

Python/Django developer. Working in a startup at the moment.


Barcamp is where I got the job I wished for! 

VivekVivek K

Twitter : @ivivekkm


Engineering Student Studying about IC’s and Cables, Embedded,  Android Fan, Opensource Supporter, Tweets and reads tech blogs! Inspired by Barcamp Idea! And here to contribute.


“3G! Good People Good  Sessions Good Ideas”


If you’re interested in helping out or Volunteering Just drop us a tweet  @BarcampBng

10 thoughts on “Meet The Team”

    1. Hi ABASH

      The registrations will open in a couple of days. The website will be revamped and the option to register will be available on the homepage. We are finalizing the website update.


    1. Hi Ankith

      Yes ofcourse. The event is open to all and students are encouraged to attend. You can also take a session if you want to talk on some topic.

    1. Hi Anand.

      There is no entry charge for the event and thus no tickets are sold. The registration process is mentioned on the homepage.


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