Barcamp Bangalore

Barcamp Bangalore is an open event focused around people, ideas and collaboration. There is no fixed format and agenda. If you have an interesting topic to share or want to collaborate with folks with a variety of experience, Barcamp is the place for you.

Since its inception in Bangalore in 2006, BCB has been a place for awesome people with ideas in their heads to talk and share or just hang out with their peers and friends.You can expect sessions on variety of topics like

  •   Technology
  •   Design
  •   Startups & Entrepreneurship
  •   Business & Management
  •   Photography
  •   User Experience
  •   Your life learnings
  •   and a lot more...

When & where?
It's Happening
SAP Labs
Whitefield, Bangalore
at 8:00 AM
on 29th March, 2014
Who should attend Barcamp?

Everyone! Barcamp is about sharing your passions with your peers without any boundaries. Got any life hacks to show off, have anything to demo or ideas to share and brainstorm, wanna techjam, learn from your peers, well you are welcome.

But I have never been to one

Well, there's always a first time Don't worry; we don't bite. You will meet some awesome people, make some great friendships and discover great new ways of thinking

How do I register
Registrations are now closed. However, if you are eager to attend, please enter your details in the waitlist form and we'll keep you informed if you can make it.


One tag to rule them all!

Who presents the sessions?

Agenda, sessions and content are all decided by participants However, to maintain the Barcamp spirit, sessions are selected on a first come first serve basis of the speakers on the morning of Barcamp Bangalore. Techies, that we are, we use silicon-made pseudo intelligent brains to do the scheduling based on "I'm attending" data of first 36 registered sessions on BCB morning and our algorithmic minions ensure minimum clashes for the most wanted sessions.

So, we suggest:

  • Propose sessions early. This gives others time to browse through your idea and for you to know how many are interested in attending.
  • If you want to present, arrive early and register your session with the Registration Desk.
  • If you are just attending, then dont forget to mark "I'm attending" before D-Day! It helps us in scheduling and ensuring minimum overlaps.
  • And don't forget, tweet about BCB with tag #barcampblr
What to bring?
  • Your enthusiasm to share and learn :)
  • Your friends — old and new!!
  • Notebook and pen or something digitally similar for tips, point and doodles
  • Cameras, phones, audio-recorders, video-recorder — we are an open-unconference
  • Random stuff to share with your friends. Business cards? Ideas? Cookies? Chocolates?
  • We encourage creative non-slide-deck talks but If you really insist or need then bring a laptop with slides
What will be there?
  • Peers with similar interests, hobbies and passions.
  • Space - 6 parallel session rooms and loads of space outside the session rooms to have your impromptu sessions with smaller audiences.
  • Uninterrupted Wifi, for live tweeting and updates - what will we do without it??!!??
  • Projectors, for those who insist on structured formats of presentation.

Techlash is a tech rapidfire round at BCB. At Techlash, our speakers present their smart ideas or demo their creations through a series of quick 5 minute time slots.

If you are a wanna be Techlash speaker, go ahead and register your session under Techlash category.

The slots are very limited and usually overbooked. List of currently registered techlash sessions can be seen here.

Contact us

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