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Barcamp Bangalore

Barcamp Bangalore is an open event focused around people, ideas and collaboration. There is no fixed format and agenda. If you have an interesting topic to share or want to collaborate with folks with a variety of experience, Barcamp is the place for you.

BCBx AntHill brings together a variety of people from different backgrounds and disciplines to spend some time with us at the Devarayanadurga hills near Tumkur, reflecting, creating, hacking and collaborating to re-imagine the future of human communication and information exchange.

When & where?
It will happen at
Devarayanadurga Hills
on July 18-26, 2015
  1. Fill in your details over at AntHillHacks.net
  2. Login or (click sign up to create a free BCB account)
  3. Visit our sessions page, and click on Add/Suggest a session if you would like to talk or suggest someone to talk at BCBx AntHill.
Who should attend Barcamp?

Everyone! Barcamp is about sharing your passions with your peers without any boundaries. Got any life hacks to show off, have anything to demo or ideas to share and brainstorm, wanna techjam, learn from your peers, well you are welcome.


Who can present a session?


Barcamp is an open platform. Anyone can present a session at the event. Click here to submit your session.

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